Safe ladder usage depends on using the right type of ladder for the job. There are many different types of ladders available in the market. Here is a brief of some of the commonly used types of ladders


Safe ladder usage depends on using the right type of ladder for the job. There are many different types of ladders available in the market. Here is a brief of some of the commonly used types of ladders:

  • Step Ladders

These are perfect for industrial tasks. The step ladders don’t need any other support to stand, they stand on their own. This feature gives you utter flexibility as you don’t have to find any support for your ladder.

Sometimes resting a ladder on fragile support might cause inadvertent damage. But this won't happen in case of a step ladder. The step ladder can be used in the center of your room, trimming of tree leaves and any other work that does not have any proper support.

Two types of step ladders are also available.

Simple Front Ladder – This ladder has rungs only on one side; the other side is for support. It is used to climb from one side only.

Twin Ladder – The most popular version of the step ladder is twin ladder. It has rungs on both the sides of the ladder making it more flexible. This makes it utterly comfortable for two people to climb on it.

  • Extension ladders

The extension ladders are among the most popular ones for domestic use. An extension ladder can be used to carry out work in high places. You can install these against any support; it is simple to use as well.

 The extension ladder consists of two parts - base and fly. The base is the main part of the ladder; it should be placed firmly against the ground. You should make sure that the ladder doesn’t move sideways.

The other part is fly; it is the extendable part of the ladder. It should be used depending on the height required to carry out your operations. The stand out feature of an extension ladder is its ability to reach higher places than any other variant.

  • Platform Ladders

 It is a variant of the front step ladder. The top part of the ladder comes with a platform. Approximately each 2-3 feet high above the platform, there is a rail guard. This rail guard ensures your safety while working.

The platform ensures that you stand correctly and comfortably while carrying out your work. You can stand on the platform for longer intervals. It gives you comfort while working on jobs like painting, repairing, where you are required to use both of your hands simultaneously.

  • Step stool

A step stool is a short ladder. It is scientifically designed to fold compactly, hence can be placed in small spaces. They feature a single step. However, they also come with two or three steps.


These are short but come handy in various tasks. You can use these in your kitchen to find higher shelves, pantry use, reaching higher cabinets in your room.

  • Multi-Purpose Ladders

These kinds of ladders can attend tasks of two or more types of ladders. The outlining feature of a multi-purpose ladder is its ability to convert many positions as per the need of the hour.

It has become more popular as it gives you flexibility, you don’t have to think a lot while buying as you know this will perform a variety of tasks quite comfortably. A multi-ladder can be opened to form a step ladder making it easy to climb.

If you fully open it, it will be converted into an extension ladder. You can now extend the height as per your need and carry out your work. These are easy to store as well, acquiring less space when folded.

  • Folding/ Articulated Ladders

As the name suggests, its headlining feature is its ability to fold quickly and acquire minimal storage space. These are preferred for small tasks that one encounters in day to day life. You can change the height to fit the job.

You may have to use a chair or a table for doing small things in your home, keeping this ladder in the store will ease your work. You can change bulbs, clean fans, windows, and similar tasks. They occupy less space and are light weighted.

  • Attic ladder

To reach attic, narrow storage spaces or hallways in your house, an attic ladder can be a great choice. It articulates on hinges so that it can make an angle to the floor.

This type of ladder makes your climbing up and down not only easier but also safer and faster. They are also very convenient to use and easy to store.

  • Flexible/ Rope Ladder

 Flexible/ Rope Ladders are great for emergency purposes. If you need to escape out of a window to arrive at a safe place, they work great. You can hang off of the side of several types of windows. Some sorts of flexible ladder offer you an escape out of even 3rd or 4th floor.

You may also use rope ladders for recreational purposes such as caving.

  • Telescopic Ladders

 These kinds of ladders easily slide in/out by using sections. This feature provides greater flexibility and adjustability. These ladders save you a lot of time by providing faster adjustments and setup.

These are very common for industrial use. These can be fully extended to form an extension ladder.

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