Occupational Health and Wellbeing: Linking Research to Practice - ICOH 2018

This year's event offers an opportunity to learn, discuss and share views with a wide range of expert contributors and practitioners from across the world.

Occupational Health and Wellbeing: Linking Research to Practice - ICOH 2018

The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) will be holding the 2018 edition of the triennial International Congress in Dublin, Ireland starting 29th April to 4th May. 

ICOH is an international non-governmental professional society whose aims are to foster the scientific progress, knowledge and development of occupational health and safety in all its aspects. It was founded in 1906 in Milan as the Permanent Commission on Occupational Health. Today, ICOH is the world's leading international scientific society in the field of occupational health with a membership of 2,000 professionals from 93 countries.

This year's event which is themed "Occupational Health and Wellbeing: linking research to practice" offers a unique opportunity to experience a truly global multidisciplinary event where you can learn, discuss and share views with a wide range of expert OSH contributors and practitioners from across the world. The objectives of ICOH 2018 are:

  • To collaborate with the ICOH Scientific Committees, Board Members & Regional/National Secretaries to offer an exciting and challenging programme;
  • To cover a wide range of occupational safety and health topics demonstrating how research translates into excellence in practice;
  • To advance research and evidence-based approaches in occupational safety and health by promoting local, regional and global examples;
  • To offer a blend of plenary, semi-plenary, mini-symposia, seminars, workshops, worksite visits, special and oral sessions that will demonstrate the scope of occupational safety and health practice and how that can effectively protect and promote the health of all workers.

To deliver on this, the conference will have many different elements to it which including keynote speeches, semi-plenary sessions, symposia, special sessions, poster sessions on a range of the latest occupational health and safety topics and a marketplace. The Policy Forum will also discuss strategies to deal with future challenges in occupational health and safety from national and global perspectives.

Some of the plenary keynote speakers include;

  1. Dr. Kurt Straif - The Iarc Monographs and the Burden of Occupational Cancer
  2. Professor Antonio Mutti - Gene-Environment Interaction: Promises and Pitfalls of Molecular Epidemiology and Toxicology in Occupational Health
  3. Dr Bonnie Rogers - Total Worker Health
  4. Stefana Broadbent - Fighting Climate Change with Collective Intelligence
  5. Yue Leon Guo - Psychosocial Conditions after Occupational Injury
  6. Dr Gerry Eijkemans - The Importance of Workers' Health to Advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda
  7. Prof John Gallagher - Connected Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing in an Irish Context
  8. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky - Vision Zero: A World of Work Without Fatal and Serious Accidents
  9. Professor Vidhya Venugopal - Climate Variability Impacts on Occupational Health - Research Evidence and Future Steps
  10. Associate Professor Alison Reid - Migration, Work and Occupational Health and Safety
  11. Emeritus Professor Rodney Ehrlich - When Occupational Health Becomes Public Health: Occupational Lung Disease in Miners

Many other speakers have confirmed participation in the semi-plenary sessions.

Visit the ICOH website for more details or to register for ICOH 2018.  

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