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Opinion: Prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss among Staff

Hearing loss can be prevented by educating employees who can be potentially exposed to noise about the adverse effects of high noise...

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Lessons Kenya could learn from Rwanda on Plastic Bags Ban

Kenyans are slowly adapting to the ban. Supermarkets no longer pack goods in plastic bags, they have Eco-friendly bags which are available...

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Haste Makes Waste

If you don't do it right the first time, you will have to do it over, or, somebody else will have to do it over for you.

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Enact stricter laws to curb Child Labour

70 percent of children in child labour are working in agriculture that relates mainly to subsistence and commercial farming and herding...

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OPINION: Lamu Coal plant EIA Study Downplayed Key Issues

The report contains nothing about exposure of this number of people to toxic waste and does not present a credible plan for disposing...

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OPINION: Is Nairobi ready for the next Fire Disaster?

The Occupational safety and health Act 2007 section 78 stipulates precaution that need to be taken when dealing with flammable substances

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